Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Where to Download?

Visual Smarter is a powerful and cost effective add-in for Visual Studio. It makes .NET coding easier and smarter. The current version is Visual Smarter 2015. It is FREE to download, FREE to try, and FREE to update in each major version.

The latest build can be downloaded by clicking the image on left. Payment can be made on right.

After the payment is received, an authorization code will be generated accordingly and be sent to the email address as soon as possible for you to activate all the power of the Visual Smarter. We respect your privacy. The information will be used only for the software query, purchase and support purposes.

Download the latest VisualSmarter                 

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What is Visual Smarter and Its Wonderful Features?

What Visual Studio Editions and Versions that Visual Smarter Support

Contact Us for Any Questions

If you have any issues or ideas about the software, please feel free to contact us. We'd lover to hear from you.

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  2. Robert, glad to know you like it. Thanks for the good words about our blog and posts.

  3. Hi, does it work for C++ as well in Visual Studio and where can I get a trial serial?
    VisualSmarter keeps saying, that it is not authorized for this edition/version at this moment. And I need to purchase a license key.


  4. You can purchase a license on this page. Then the authorized code will sent to you.

  5. Thank you, I was thinking, Visual Smarter is free to try as stated above?

    Best regards

  6. Sorry for the inconvenience. The trial edition is free with some limitation like some features not available at some time. As a whole, it does not have time limitation. It is by design. If you'd like to try all the features at the same time, we guarantee you 90% refund within one month after your purchase, if you don't like it after trying. How does that sound? By the way, you can contact us through email if you like. Best regards.

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  8. Where is the "Free to download" trial version?

  9. Please click the image.

  10. Can i download this program in Google Play? By the way, you can use plagiarism checker free online for verifying your unique text on the blog.

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