Thursday, May 21, 2015

Visual Smarter Build #

Visual Smarter has been released a couple of more builds recently, # and #
More features have been added in the build #

  •          Solution Transitioner
  •          Editor Widgets

o   Show All Indicators
o   Hide All Indicators
o   Show NavigationBar
o   Hide NavigationBar
o   Turn On Intellisense
o   Turn Off Intellisense
o   Turn On VirtualSpace
o   Turn Off VirtualSpace
o   Turn On WordWrap
o   Turn Off WordWrap
o   Set Indent Style
o   Set Indent and Tab Size
o   Turn On Tabs
o   Turn Off Tabs

More features have been added in the build # again:

  •          Code Refactorers

o   Comment Selected MultipleLinesOfCode
o   UnComment Selected MultipleLinesOfCode
o   Fill GUID into String in CurrentLine
o   Regen GUIDs in CurDoc
o   Capitalize CurrentLineOfCode
o   Lowercase CurrentLineOfCode
o   Uppercase CurrentLineOfCode
o   Remove Comments in ActiveDoc
o   Remove EmptyLines in ActiveDoc
o   Remove CommentsAndEmptyLines in ActiveDoc
o   Remove TODO Lines in Selection
o   Remove TODO Lines in ActiveDoc
o   Remove NotImplementedException Lines
o   Remove Empty Regions in ActiveDoc
o   Rename Private Fields


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