Monday, October 19, 2015

Visual Smarter Build #

Visual Smarter has been released a new build #
Some more nice and cool Solution Widgets have been added in this build:
·         Solution Widgets
o   Turn On Register for COM Interop
o   Turn Off Register for COM Interop
·         Project Widgets
o   Tabify the Active Project
o   Untabify the Active Project
·         Document Widgets
o   Remove All Regions
o   Remove All Debug Asserts
o   Remove All Debug Prints
o   Remove All Debug Writes
o   Remove All Debug Outputs
o   Remove All Usings/Imports
o   Tabify the Active Document
o   Untabify the Active Document


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  2. Trey Mack, glad you like that feature. For region lovers, we also have Member Grouper/Regioner. ;-)