Saturday, July 4, 2015

Visual Smarter Build #

Visual Smarter has been released a new build #
It has many Web Navigators and Debugger Widgets added:
·         Web Navigators
o   Navigate To Google
o   Navigate To Bing
o   Navigate To MSDN
o   Navigate To Yahoo
o   Navigate To VisualSmarter Blog
o   Navigate To SpiderInNet
o   Navigate To SpiderInNet1
o   Navigate To SpiderInNet2
o   Navigate To CodeProject
o   Navigate To NuGet
o   Navigate To SourceForge
o   Navigate To GitHub
o   Navigate To StackOverflow

·         Debugger Widgets
o   Attach Process
o   Attach IIS Server
o   Attach Remote IIS Server
o   Attach ASP .NET Server
o   Attach Web Server
o   Reattach Last Process
o   Break on All Members of Current Class
o   Break on All Class Members in Active Document
o   Break on All Class Members in Active Project
o   Enable All Break Points
o   Disable All Break Points
o   Remove All Break Points
o   Open CommonFiles Folder
o   Open User Local AppData Folder
o   Open User Roaming Folder
o   Open User Temp Folder
o   Open IE Temp Folder
o   Open ASP .NET Temp Folder
o   Open Recycle Bin
o   Set Breakpoints To All References
o   Set Breakpoints To Keywords in Active Document
o   Set Breakpoints To Keywords in Active Project
o   Break On Exceptions Settings
o   Show All Debug Windows

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