Sunday, July 12, 2015

Visual Smarter Build #

Visual Smarter has been released a new build #
Many new Editor, Document and Project Widgets have been added:
·         Editor Widgets
o   Close All With Saving
o   Close All Without Saving
o   Close All With Prompt
o   List Modified Documents
·         Document Widgets
o   Add New Document Footer
o   Add Existing Document Footer
o   Add New Document Usings/Imports
o   Add Existing Document Usings/Imports
o   Add Revision Marks
o   Add EndOf Marks
·         Project Widgets
o   Activate Startup Project
o   Build Startup Project
o   Add Usings/Imports
o   Add Document Footers
o   Add Document Headers
o   Add Revision Marks
o   Add EndOf Marks
o   Format Code
o   Cleanup Code
o   Print Project Info (Concise)
o   Print Project Info (Verbose)
o   List Project Files
o   List GUIDs
o   List Readonly Files
o   List Writable Files
o   List Files Not Included
o   Toggle CodeAnalysis
o   Turn CodeAnalysis On
o   Turn CodeAnalysis Off

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