Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Features of DTE Widgets in Visual Smarter

There are many DTE Widgets in Visual Smarter. They are designed to provide information about the DTE environment and components such as command bars, tool windows, and addins.

List Commands: listing out all commands including Visual Studio native ones and custom ones defined within the DTE.
List Keyboard Shortcuts: listing out all the keyboard shortcuts for all commands.
List CommandBars: listing out all the command bars.
List Command Line Arguments: listing out the command line arguments of the Visual Studio startup.
List Invisible Windows: listing out all invisible window names if any.
List Visible Windows: listing out all visible window names.
List Window Configurations: listing out the Visual Studio Window Configutations.
List Context Attributes: listing out the Visual Studio context attributes.
List Addins: listing out all the DTE addins.
List Solution Explorer: listing out the information about the Solution Explorer.
Close All Tool Windows: closing all tool windows.
Run Command: running a DTE command, which can be any from the output of the first command.

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