Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Features of Editor Widgets in Visual Smarter

There are many Editor Widgets in Visual Smarter. They are designed to operate on the editor, including all open documents, windows, and the editing environment, of the Visual Studio IDE.

These Editor Widgets of Visual Smarter can be categorized into a few groups. Here they are, along with some brief descriptions for each widget.

Active Document

Back Up Active Document: backing up (creating a .bak file for) the active document in the editor.
Restore Active Document: discarding the changes made to the active document and restoring the backed up content from the .bak file.

Editor Documents/Windows

List Modified Documents: listing out all the modified (dirty) documents in the editor.
Open All Files of Selected Projects: opening all files of the selected projects into the editor environment.
Save & Close All: saving and closing all windows and documents.
Close All Without Saving: discarding all changes in the opened windows and closing all.
Close All With Confirmation: closing all windows with the confirmation to save or not.
Close Design Windows: closing all design windows such as WinForm ones. 
Close Design Windows with Code-Behind Documents: closing all design windows (e.g. form.cs) along with their code-behind documents (e.g. *.design.cs).
Close Documents NOT Associated with Projects: closing those orphan documents, opened from outside instead inside from projects, not associated with any projects in the active solution.
Close Source Documents: closing all source (code) documents such as *.cs and *.vb.
Close Non-Source Documents: closing all non-source documents.
Close Project Setting Windows: closing those project setting windows.

Close All Windows: closing all IDE windows including the editor window itself.


Show Line Number: showing the line # in the editor.
Hide Line Number: hiding the line # in the editor.
Show All Indicators: showing all indicators such as breakpoint red spots, color bars indicating new code added, line numbers, and similar.
Hide All Indicators: hiding all the above indicators.
Show Navigation Bar: showing the module/class/member navigation bar.
Hide Navigation Bar: hiding the module/class/member navigation bar.
Show Intellisense: showing the intellisense in the editor.
Hide Intellisense: hiding the intellisense in the editor.
Show Virtual Space: showing the virtual space in the editor.
Hide Virtual Space: hiding the virtual space in the editor.


Turn ON Word Wrap: turning on the word wrap in the code/text editor.
Turn OFF Word Wrap: turning off the word wrap.
Set Indent Style: setting the indent style for the editor.
Set Size of Indent & Tab: setting the size of both indent of tab for the editor.
Turn ON Tabs: turning on tabs.
Turn OFF Tabs: turning off tabs.

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